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Expresslube (UK) Ltd - Diesel Fuel Polishing Experts - Filtration, Separation, Condition

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Expresslube (UK) Ltd is a south east based engineering and service company providing a nationwide fuel cleaning and hydraulic oil filtration service.

Established in 2001 we have grown from a company which primary business was fuel polishing and tank cleaning for the pleasure boat industry, to a company that services have evolved to support a wide selection of industries including commercial marine, power generation, bulk storage, rail, telecoms, aviation, military, public health and financial services.

We provide a professional engineering service along with the products we supply to help keep all of your expensive equipment clean and dry from contaminates. We offer onsite fuel filtration and polishing services, hydraulic oil filtration / cleaning, fuel and oil analysis services, and we are available 24/7 for any emergency assistance. We are committed and focused to providing innovative solutions and timely services for your demanding applications. So when your oil or fuel becomes contaminated, you can count on us to provide the solution.

We at Expresslube are happy to assist you with advice on the best solution to de-contaminate your fuel, hydraulic oil and tank.  So please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Fuel Polishing Rigs

Fuel Polishing on-board the Kent & Essex Sea Fisheries Patrol Vessel

Expresslube (UK) Ltd - Burgess Hill

Expresslube (UK) Ltd head office, based in Burgesss Hill, West Sussex


Fuel Doctor AdditiveFuel Doctor Additive

Whilst serving the marine and gen-set industries fuel systems firsthand, we gained a unique insight into the ways that fuel and storage systems were being affected by various conditions.

Many fuel additives were being applied in an attempt to address the impact of naturally occurring contaminates, with little success. At the time there were no products designed or intended to control premature degradation of fuel caused by environmental influences.

In 2003 after significant research into what we knew was needed , we found a product and discussions with Fuel Doctors Australia, led Expresslube (UK) Ltd to became the European importer and distributor for the complete fuel conditioner Fuel Doctor.

Fuel Doctor's state of the art formulation converts free water and microbial growth to microscopic particles. These particles are dispersed evenly throughout the fuel and harmlessly processed through combustion to exhaust.