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Expresslube (UK) Ltd - Diesel Fuel Polishing Experts - Filtration, Separation, Condition

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Diesel Fuel Polishing Service  Bookmark and Share

We pride ourselves in the fact that our fuel polishing expertise is second to none.  As one of the first companies in the UK to offer the service we have established a reputation for attention to detail, with an understanding that every fuel tank and diesel system is different to gain a clean and dry filtration result.

Contamination Signs

 Plugged, Slimy Filters

 Dark, Hazy Fuel

 Loss of Engine Power

 Excessive Exhaust Smoke

 Foul Fuel Odour

 Increase Fuel Consumption

 Corroded Injectors

Fuel Polishing Applications

 Marine - Boats & Yachts

 Stand-by Generators

 Plant & Construction

 Bulk Storage Tanks

 IBC Fuel Tanks

 Commercial Diesel Craft

 Heating Oil Tanks

Filtration Benefits

 Removal of Water

 Kills Diesel Bug

 Maintains Engine Reliability

 Increased Performance

 Reduces Costly Failures

 Environmentally Friendly

 Reduces Tank Corrosion