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Hydraulic Oil Filtration Service  Bookmark and Share

Expresslube’s oil filtration service removes dust, particles and water from hydraulic oils, thereby eliminating the need for costly oil changes.  Using our hydraulic oil filtering station to clean up your oils, will enhance equipment lifetime and protect the hydraulic system or equipment against unwanted breakdowns or unexpected contaminations, which can cause increased wear or even damage to costly parts and equipment.  Our lightweight hydraulic filter cart is portable to get into hard to reach areas or tight spaces around factory workshops and is a perfect way to clean up compromised existing oils or an ideal way to pre filter and transfer new fluids into your reservoir tanks.

Save Money & Downtime

Cleaner hydraulic oil leads to increased profits.  Free from contamination will provide better service to machines and, in turn, properly maintained machines will provide better, more reliable and profitable service to the owner or operator.

A small amount of particulate or water contamination in a machine may not lead to an instant failure or halt of operation today, but will in variably shorten the machines life.  When the machine does finally fail it is very difficult to determine or even prove loss of life due to particulate contamination.

Typical Fluid Cleanliness

Many manufacturers of hydraulic components have established fluid cleanliness levels for their components. Using our portable filter cart service can be a very effective way to reach and maintain these cleanliness levels.  As the grade of contamination varies so much from place to place in all oil systems, it is important to balance the grade of contamination some finer, in order to keep up with the component requirements for the duration of use. The most common classifications used for oil cleanness is the ISO-Code 4406 standard.

 Component  ISO Cleanliness Level
 Servo control valves 16/14/11
 Proportional valves 17/15/12
 Vane and piston pumps 18/16/13
 Directional and pressure valves 18/16/13
 Gear pumps/motors 19/17/14
 Flow control valves cylinders 20/18/15
 New fluid 20/18/15

Recommended ISO-4406 Cleanliness Code for Hyraulic Components